Our Mission

The ‘Beyond The Badge’ Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was created in 2017 by five Maryland police officers.  The mission of the Foundation is to promote and build strong relationships between the local community and law enforcement through charitable and volunteer work.  The Foundation will accomplish this mission by providing assistance to community members who are facing financial hardships or have suffered a traumatic event as well as police officers and their families who are in need.  Just as important, the founders of the Foundation believe in volunteering their time and energy while encouraging others to support the community that we are all a part of.      

The Foundation will also work with fellow non-profit and community organizations to provide financial assistance and support to our community members in need.  Furthermore, the Foundation will be offering scholarships to college students who are enrolled in degree programs focused in public safety as well as scholarships for police officers. 

We recognize the importance of giving back and the significant impact that can be created when the local community and law enforcement come together in support of one another. By joining forces with our supporters, partners, sponsors and benefactors, we are confident that the ‘Beyond The Badge’ Foundation will be successful in accomplishing its mission.